Writing is not for everyone and, above all, writing a good article for the web is not easy. Many are convinced that it is enough to open a blog to become a copywriter, but, trust me, it is not exactly so, it takes perseverance, determination, a great passion for writing and an excellent command of grammar. An article can be called good for the web only if they respect certain characteristics, which we will now see together, and not make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to write a piece for a newspaper to work on the web or write an essay at some writing service where students ask such questions: you can write my essay australia? The two things, albeit similar, follow completely different lines, but let’s get to the point. A good copywriter always reads, both on the web and off the web, reading helps to enrich one’s vocabulary, to discover different forms of writing, the mind does exercise without you even noticing it. Reading helps to improve grammar, to become aware of how words are written, unfortunately on the web, I still see the form “neither this nor that” written without an accent, or the commas put at random, are things that make one shudder.