Industrial Strand Fan ( Plastic plinth)

Industrial stand fan was distributed by Binh Ngan Construction and Import Export JSC.,


  • Prospeller structure is perpect
  • Light weight, low noise, strong air flow
  • Powerful motor, 3 speed control, smooth oscillation
  • Supply fresh air and protect the environment
  • Four size availabe: 20”, 24”,26”, 30”
  • Airflow: 7800, 18000m³/h
  • Motor can operate under low temperature
  • Gearbox protection can bear under pressure
  • Alluminum prospellers met the standards


Model  Blade
Power<v~> Wattage
FS-50 500 220/50 180 1.350 7.800 62
FS-65 650 220/50 230 1.350 13.800 70
FS-75 750 220/50 260 1.350 18.000 73

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Liên hệ Industrial Strand Fan ( Plastic plinth)

Trân trọng cảm ơn Quý khách đã tín nhiệm Bình Ngân JSC

Cảm ơn 1558 Quý khách đã tín nhiệm sản phẩm Industrial Strand Fan ( Plastic plinth) từ ngày: 28 August, 2013 công ty Quạt công nghiệp Bình Ngân JSC phân phối toàn quốc.