Portable Fan

Portable Fan was distributed by Binh Ngan Construction and Import Export JSC., 


  • Motor runs smoothly, strongly, low noise.
  • Nice design.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Big air flow, safety, low noise
  • Suitable for ventilating in factories, buildings…
  • Three sizes: 8″, 10″, 12″
  • Air flow: 435-1800m³/h

Some specific applications:

  1. Installation of ventilation systems for cargo holds, ventilation for ships, suitable for building and repairing ships.
  2. Installation of air conditioning systems in the textile factories, wood processing factories.
  3. Installation for ventilation system in the basement of the building.
  4. Especially, axial fans play an important role in suppling air to the elevator car or exit door when the fire incident – explosions occur, minimize the damages


Model Blade Diameter
Power<v~> Capacity
Air flow
SHT-20 200 220/50 230 2.800 1.500 245 60
SHT-25 250 220/50 320 2.800 2.580 294 68
SHT-30 300 220/50 520 2.800 3.900 373 78

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Cảm ơn 1531 Quý khách đã tín nhiệm sản phẩm Portable Fan từ ngày: 15 July, 2012 công ty Quạt công nghiệp Bình Ngân JSC phân phối toàn quốc.