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What message do you want to transmit? So you see that taken from another angle, this question becomes an important junction of your writing. How can you write a book if you don’t know what you want to communicate inside it? Without a clear message to convey, the plot of your novel will be confused and disconnected, or the structure of your manual will not follow a logical thread. Many authors have a vague or generic idea of ​​what is the central nucleus of what they want to say, but they do not know how to define it clearly or concisely. You have to go into detail, for instance, get help at assignment australia if you stuck with your plot and need some advice.
What do you want to communicate? Search for the basic idea of ​​your message, the deep emotional lever you want to move. If you can’t answer this question, seen from this angle, try looking at it from another point of view. Try putting yourself in the reader’s side and try asking yourself: What am I looking for in a book? What am I looking for in this book? Basically, it is the same question, analyzed from the point of view of the writer or reader. If you think about it, whenever you choose a book to read, look for something. If a book “takes you” and you can’t wait to have a free hour to finish it, it means that that book is giving you what you need. If you always read books of the same genre or books by the same author it is because in that genre or in the pages of that author you know you find what you are looking for.