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Binh Ngan Construction and Import Export JSC., presents the new range of air cooler from India Symphony Hi cool i. The Symphony Hi cool i cooler is a compact air cooler for your home, office. With intelligent i functions, you can manage to control the speed of air cooler and set timer as desired.
Evaporative air cooler is the most efficient and environment friendly cooling technology based on the principle of heat absorption by water evaporation.
Operating Principle:
– A pump circulates water from the tank on to the cooling pad and the cooling pad becomes wet
– Fan draws hot air from outside and forces it through wet cooling pad
– As the air passed through wet cooling pad, it gets cooled by evaparation
– The fan and motor are sized and designed to delivery the appropriate airflow
Cooling Tips:
– Switch on to “cooling mode”
– Ensure sufficient water in the tank
– Keep window/door open for cross ventilation
– Replace the cooling pads annually
Benefits of Symphony Air Coolers:
1. Low Power Consumption
    For room up to 8-12m2, this appliance consumes 80w. Operating cost only equal the cost of one or two light bulb.
2. Versatile Deployment
     Use it outside, use it inside
3. Adaptive Function
    Also works on inverter power
4. Healthy Cooling
    Delivers fresh, filtered cool air
Hình ảnh thực tế máy làm mát Symphony hi cool i

Hình ảnh thực tế máy làm mát Symphony DiET 12i trong phòng ngủ

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Outstanding Features
1.   Dura-Pump Technology
       For long life of the pump
2.   Empty Water Tank Alarm
      Provides consumer convenience
3.   Intelligent Remote
      Full function remote with timer
4.   Feather-touch Digital Control Panel
      For ease of operation
5.   Restore Function
      Remembers and restores previous setting
6.   SMPS Technology
      Prevention against heavy voltage fluctuations
7.   Powerful Air Throw with Auto Swing
      For faster cooling
8.   Cool Flow Dispenser
      Channelised water distribution for superior cooling
9.  Large Tank Capacity
      Gives uninterrupted night long cooling
10. Whisper quiet Performance
      For sound sleep
11. High Efficiency Cooling Pad
      For enhanced cooling
No Parameter Unit Symphony DiET 12i
1 Cooling area m2 8-:-12
2 Fan diameter mm 132
3 Speed control 3
4 Power V / Hz 220 / 50
5 Wattage W 80
6 Remote control Yes
7 Empty tank alarm Yes
8 Tank capacity l 12
9 Ice chamber Yes
10 Product dimesions mm 300x330x845
11 Case material Plastic
12 Weight kG 7.7

Do you know?

– Air coolers are environment-friendly.  Unlike air conditioners, which release CFC gas, air coolers do not emit hazardous greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and other environment-related problems.

– Air coolers consume only about 5-10% electricity compared to air conditioners.

– Air coolers draw, filter and deliver fresh air, unlike air conditioners, which circulate stale air.

– With power-saving technology,Symphony air coolers cool 750 sq. ft. while using just 0.18 units per hourcompared to 1.8 units by an air conditioner

– An air cooler can be used in openspaces (gardens, terraces and verandas) where an air conditioner will not be effective.

Comparison Table:
      Evaporative Air cooler                  Air Conditioner
Cost Low High
Recurring cost Lower 90% compared with air conditioner High
 Air quality 100% fresh and filtered air Stable air
 Portability Yes No
Cooling mode Water Polluting refrigerant
Maintenance Simple and cheap Complex and expensive
 Usage location Indoor and outdoor Only indoor
Environment Eco-freindly Causing greenhouse effect
 Carbon No High
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