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Binh Ngan Import Export And Construction Joint Stock Company would like to send our respectful greetings, good wishes – prosperity and cooperation to all customers. With the motto: “Cooperation for sustainable development” Binh Ngan Import Export And Construction Joint Stock Company strives to provide good quality products and services to meet the increasing demands of Customers.

With a team of skilled, creative, professional and dedicated employees at work, Binh Ngan Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Company is committed to cooperating with sustainable development with you in the industrial process. chemistry and modernization.

The assessment movement presents special problems as well as opportunities for professional schools. Because of this special situation, and also because there is a remarkable paucity of information about assessment in the professional school context, at the University of Arizona Center for Research on Undergraduate Education professional school assessment will be one of our research focus areas.
Professional school faculties and administrators find that the assessment movement has been significant ly influenced by i ts roots in the liberal arts and sciences. Both small liberal arts colleges and large universities, both “outcomes” focused and curriculum-focused efforts are driven almost exclusively by arts and sciences interests, goals, and educational methods. Not entirely coincidentally , the most fully developed examples of successful assessment programs are those of such institutions as Alverno Co1lege, Northeast Missouri, Kings College in Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island College. Except for an occasional professional program lodged in an otherwise arts-and-sciences dominated school, these examples do not address the professional BchooI’s situation. For educators in professional schools those universities are establishing coordinated assessment efforts, the existing published examples from the standard sources are discouragingly irrelevant. A better example can be found in the outstanding work of the original site https://typemyessays.com for American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. In contrast with many other professional fields’ associations of schools, the AACSB has produced excellent guidance for its member schools, as we are hearing today from Robert Crowe. Many — indeed most of the themes addressed in the AACSB publications on assessment can be applied to other professional fields.

From a respectful and whole-hearted point of view to serve the interests of customers and communities: With customers, we always make great efforts with deep gratitude and service slogan “Customers are gods” . With partners, we are committed to fulfilling the responsibility of being the driver to develop together. With employees, we always recognize and honor the efforts and dedication of each individual in our success. It is the humanistic business perspective that has created a sense of leading responsibility in all daily activities of the Company to always deserve to be a good citizen in the community with 3 key objectives to be achieved: Satisfy the customers; Contributing positively to the development of the home chemical industry; and contribute positively to the development of society and community.

With firm belief and expectation on the development of Vietnam’s industry, the nation’s rising prosperity, the love for people and nature of Vietnam, Import and Export Joint Stock Company Binh Ngan is making constant efforts to grow and grow sustainably with Vietnam. Every activity, every program that is done is our heart and heart to look forward to a bright future with Vietnam.

Thank you and glad to welcome you to Binh Ngan Import Export & Construction Joint Stock Company.